MGK, Mania Tour and Venue

ASA created two Renaissance inspired stage props for Machine Gun Kelly’s Mania Tour. The props were foam carved, hard-coated, and painted metallic silver. Aluminum tubing with integrated lighting was fabricated to house the statues.

MGK later stopped by our warehouse to set the stage for his new music video, GTS.

Project Gallery


Picture of rendering for the Machine Gun Kelly stage design.

Mania Tour

Picture of stage set for MGK tour. Set includes LED lighting and sculptural elements.
Photo of Machine Gun Kelly next to foam carved sculpture.
Picture of MGK on stage with fog machine going.
Picture of MGK in between two foam carved female figures made by event planning company Art Seen Alliance.
Picture MGK with stage prop in foreground.
Picture of MGK under stage spotlights.

ASA Warehouse – Music Video Shoot

Picture of photographer between two shipping containers.
Picture of MGK engulfed in blue lighting.
Picture of crew filming the Machine Gun Kelly music video.