Beetlejuice Bar

The Art Seen Alliance team was back at it again with another bar transformation! Following the Goonies themed bar in downtown Austin, ASA hit the road to Nashville, TN tackling a new bar makeover. This bar will have you screaming “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” From hand painted flats to foam carved sandworms this is a must see for lovers of film.

Project Gallery
Picture of neon jellyfish hanging from the trees at Ion Art.
Picture of a purple and green neon seahorse.
Picture of an attendee surrounded by neon light tubes.
Picture of a bicycle powered neon Octopus.
Picture of a clam with a plasma ball on the inside.
Picture of blue neon sharks hanging on the wall.
Picture of attendees wearing LED festival wings.
Picture of a festival goer atop a foam carved lion with blue lighting.
Picture of a DJ behind a fishing boat DJ booth with a background of neon lights that look like sharks.
Picture of a giant hand made Lantern Fish tunnel.
Up close picture of the lantern fish sculpture/build.
Picture of children in an LED pentagon tunnel.
Picture of metal scales applied to wiring.
Picture of a neon mermaid.
Picture of a neon wheel.
Picture of white neon fishbones.
Picture of a neon fish submarine.
Picture of a blue neon shark.