Mashable, 2019

Art Seen Alliance was back at it again for this year’s SXSW Mashable activation. Happening at a key location on 6th street in downtown Austin, attendees of the MashBash were taken on an intergalactic journey into outer space. While in orbit festival goers were surrounded by ASA created vinyl prints, signage, and installations that took them out of this world!

Project Gallery
Picture of a a vinyl print of the sun hung up in the Mashable House.
Picture of a girl's silhouette in front of a glowing vinyl galaxy print.
Picture of a custom made sign for Mashable.
Picture of the crowd at the Mashable SXSW event.
Picture of attendees taking a selfie in front of infinity mirrors.
Picture of a DJ performing in front of backlit vinyl prints.
Picture of a person posing amid an installation of LED pentagons.
Picture of a festival goer posing.
Picture of festival goers enjoying the space.