Burning Man 2019 – The Rhinomog and Rolling Root Art Cars

Art Seen Alliance headed to Nevada this year for annual arts festival Burning Man. For the event Art Seen brought two original art cars, the Rhinomog and the Rolling Root.

The Rhinomog was created out of welded steel and built around a Unimog vehicle to resemble a rhinoceros beetle. ASA’s bug was used to transport festival goers across the playa.

The Rolling Root was constructed out of plywood and spandex and assembled onto an 18-wheeler for Root Society. In the evenings the semi became a stage set featuring an array of electronic djs.

Project Gallery

The Rhinomog

Picture of Unimog truck made to look like a rhinoceros beetle for Burning Man
Picture of LED lighting on a rhinoceros beetle art car for Burning Man
Picture steel art car transporting festival goers at Burning Man

Rolling Root

Picture of a semi truck transformed into an art sculpture at Burning Man
Picture of a DJ performing on top of the semi truck art vehicle at Burning Man
Picture of the Root Society Camp at Burning Man