Smart Car

Smart Car brought Art Seen Alliance on board for their SXSW activation this year in downtown Austin. Art Seen created numerous renderings of the space to get the design at a very well planned out state and then got to building all the custom signage and the geometrically configured stage backdrop. The result was both stunning and sophisticated.

photos: Smart Car 

Project Gallery

Smart Wall


Picture of custom built stage backdrop for Smart Car.
Picture of speaker in front of custom backdrop.
Picture of a speaker in front of custom stage design.

Exterior Signage


Picture of exterior signage for SXSW event in downtown Austin.
Picture of Smart Cars parked outside of the event space.
Picture of people waiting in line to enter the SXSW event.


Picture of a rendering of the Austin space.
Photo of the rendering of the expected design set up.
Picture of stage design rendering.