Smart Car, SXSW 2018


Every year, Austin turns into a hub for creatives, engineers, and visionaries from all over the world. This year’s SXSW program brimmed with countless exhibitions, gigs, and conferences, keeping visitors busy and buzzing – and smart car called Art Seen Alliance to bring their ideas to life: the fortwo disco ball tower, a performance stage situated on top of the tiny house Kasita, and a beautiful illuminated sign.

Project Gallery

Kasita Stage + ‘House of Smart’ Sign

Picture of stage and signage for House of Smart.
Picture of a musician on top of the tiny house stage.
Picture of person playing cornhole in front of the custom made signage.

Smart Tower

Picture of acrylic confetti box with glitter smart car on top.
Picture of the vinyl branding on the confetti box.
Picture of the Smart Car tower built for SXSW.