Mashable House + MashBash, SXSW 2017

Our relationship with Mashable began in 2015 and quickly evolved. For SXSW 2017 Art Seen Alliance was granted creative design control for not only Mashable’s but also their sponsor activations. Located off 6th Street and Red River Street, we completely transformed the space into a techy, light infused hub for SXSW attendees to get lost in, literally. Infinity mirrored walls and LED-embedded tunnels paired with funhouse optical illusions guided a new design direction for Mashable that was well received by attendees.

The Speakeasy’s black painted brick and cool furnishings added to the sexiness of the space for VIP guests.

Art Seen’s role started months prior the final unveil: submitting renderings for approval, collaborating on design execution, creating cut files and pixel mapping LED rods, fabricating, installing, and partaking in event production throughout the event.

photo cred: Mashable + Julia Robinson

Project Gallery


Picture of infinity mirror installation with signage as entrance to the Mashable event.
Picture of LED infinity mirrors.
Picture of signage at SXSW event.

The Speakeasy + VIP Lounge

Picture of furniture rentals at the event.
Picture of the bar set up at Mashable House.
Picture of furniture rental setup at SXSW event.

ADA Ramp

Picture of ADA ramp
Picture of light bars installed in the ADA ramp.

Photo Booth

Picture of someone using the photo booth tablet.
Picture of the photo booth setup.
Picture of people using the custom made photo op.
Picture of the Mashable photo op.
Picture of a person printing out their picture from the photo booth.
Picture of the photo op area.

Exit Hallway

Picture of vinyl printed exit hallway.
Picture of black and white vinyl.
Picture of event exit tunnel.