Mashable House, 2016

photos: Mashable

Project Gallery



Picture of a channel letter bulb sign made for a Mashable event.
Picture of a custom made foam sculpture of a glitched Bill Murray.
Picture of a custom made sculpture for a SXSW event.

The Speakeasy – VIP Lounge

Picture of furniture rentals used for the SXSW Mashable event.
Picture of the sofa rental set up in the event space.
Picture of the furniture rentals set up in the lounge.



Picture of custom made polygonal tables.
Picture of event attendees enjoying the gallery space.
Picture of the custom made gallery space.

Outdoor Bar


Picture of the outdoor custom made bar.
Picture of custom made signage for the bar.

Pied Piper


Picture of the Pied Piper booth with bar display.
Picture of custom made green wall with shelving and branding.

Exit Hallway


Picture of foam carved Mashable sign.
Picture of the outdoor area of the event.