Hornitos + Jim Beam, SXSW 2017

The biggest challenge we faced for the Hornitos and Jim Beam design was merging two powerhouse companies, both with defined styles, under a single roof.

Our solution was to wrap the bar facades and dividing wall in the same material while treating them in different finishes. This approach paired with opposing ceiling treatments – one classic, one unique – gave both Hornitos and Jim Beam their own identity, regardless of the shared space. Exterior signage was lenticularly designed to further accentuate their ‘side’ of the bar. Sliced mirrors, wood texture, and greenery connect the spaces.

Art Seen Alliance was involved in conception of the design, fabrication and install, and event production during SXSW.

photo cred: Mashable + Julia Robinson

Project Gallery


Picture of custom made Hornitos bar.
Picture of agave plants hanging from the bar ceiling.
Picture of painted logo on bar facade.

Jim Beam

Picture of custom made bar for Jim Beam at SXSW.
Picture of custom made signage.
Picture of bartender pouring cocktails.