Hard Rock Hotels

Hard Rock Hotels 2016-10-06T06:12:56+00:00

Project Description

SXSW is when brands go big with their promotional efforts, so when Hard Rock Hotels needed help to create a unique experience for party guests at Cedar Door, they trusted Art Seen Alliance.

Hard Rock wanted to transform the space with an eye-catching, ultra-posh look, so our team built not one, but two made-to-order, high-gloss DJ booths in gold and black mirror finish as well as a giant picture frame for the brand’s stage backdrop. The Art Seen crew also provided custom staging solutions featuring truss wrapped in weathered cedar to blend into the venue’s natural environment.

Within the Cedar Door party, ASA also provided the Fender folks with an equally flashy activation area. Art Seen Alliance installed a custom platform that allowed guests to experience what it’s like to take the stage with a Fender guitar. The installation merged form and function with integrated headphone jacks and two unique gold mirror-finish guitar stands that displayed a pair of Fender’s finest.

Project Details